Adaptive Constraint-Based Agents in Artificial Environments

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The Logistics Domain

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There are lots of example domains in the planning area. For our evaluation, variations of the `Logistics Domain' are chosen because these are highly relevant to computer games. In many strategy and simulation games, resources such as gold, wood, stones or troops must be transported by different types of vehicles.

The Logistics Domain specifies the problem of transporting packages between locations (see the figure below). Transportation within a city can be done by a truck. But a truck cannot leave its city. Transportation between locations in different cities must thus be done by airplane. An airplane can only serve one specific location of a city (the airport). A truck and an airplane have actions to load a package, drive/fly to a specific location and unload a package. A problem specification includes a set of locations with information about a location's city and whether the location is an airport, the initial positions of all existing trucks, airports and packages, and the target positions for (not necessarily all) packages.


[EVALUATION]   [The Logistics Domain]   [Enhancing the Problem Domain]

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