Adaptive Constraint-Based Agents in Artificial Environments

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The Application of Planning Systems

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Being an Orc, you lack sufficient brain power to solve the problem. You therefore apply a conventional AI planning system and come up with the following plan: catch_a_group & catch_a_group, which yields a plan duration of 10 hours, an 8 on the pain scale and 6 performers. The plan attains your goal of catching at least 5 performers, but the other results look to you to be capable of improvement.

You realize that you have forgotten to apply an optimization criterion. You thus repeat the planning process, applying a state-of-the-art resource-based planning system that you request to minimize your pain, hoping dearly that none of your Orc friends will realize what a coward you are.

GOAL: Performers >= 5, MIN(Pain)

Strangely enough, the resource-based planning system delivers the same plan as the conventional planning system.

[THE ORC QUEST EXAMPLE]   [Planning Systems]   [Real Optimum]   [Relevance]

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