Adaptive Constraint-Based Agents in Artificial Environments

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The Nearby Wizard

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A little bit later, it occurs to you that there is a wizard living nearby who can prepare a magic potion that lessens the pain by one on the pain scale. The drawback here is that the wizard is also very fond of humans because he is in continual need of test persons to improve his miserable skills in casting teleportation spells. Usually, then, he wants some humans in exchange for his magic potion, which he calls «ethanol».

You visit the wizard and explain your problem to him. He scratches his head, walks around for a while deep in thought and finally says: «All right, this is what we'll do: I'll give you 11 phials of potion for every 10 humans that you promise to bring to me.» You are not really sure how many phials you should take and formalize this for your planning system as follows:

ACTION deliver_humans:
  Duration += 1, Pain -= 11, Performers -= 10


[RESOURCES]   [The Orc Quest Example]   [The Nearby Wizard]   [Decision-Theoretic Planning]

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