Adaptive Constraint-Based Agents in Artificial Environments

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The wizard still sees a questioning look on the face in front of him, and he heaves a sigh: «Are you wondering about the infinite search space? Our planning problem is undecidable because it involves numbers with unpredictable bounds - you can read up on this in [PUBLink]

Suddenly, while casting a light-the-candle spell the wizard's apprentice vanishes in a big ball of fire. He had always been eager to try out this spell, but was warned by the wizard about how dangerous it was. Now the apprentice had been eavesdropping while you were talking with the wizard and had concluded that the optimization of his life's duration is also an undecidable problem, and thus not worth considering.

The wizard shakes his head sadly: «Hardcore theorists! If a problem is undecidable, they hate to tackle it.» Just to be sure that you will not fall victim to one of the wizard's teleporation spells, you quickly put in: «I'm not one of them!» «No,» the wizard smiles, «Orcs don't tend to be theorists anyway. But perhaps this neglect of undecidable problems is the reason why for so long no one dared to tackle problems other than plan-length optimization.»

[THE NEARBY WIZARD]   [Bounds]   [Efficiency]   [Complexity]

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