Adaptive Constraint-Based Agents in Artificial Environments

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SRC-H4: Deleting an Event

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This heuristic is applicable if at least one State Task is connected to the SRC. The idea is to improve the inconsistency of a Precondition Task by deleting a State Task preceding it.

Selecting an Inconsistent Precondition Task

One of the SRC's inconsistent Precondition Tasks is selected with a choice probability for a Precondition Task that is proportional to the inconsistency caused by the Precondition Task. If the chosen Precondition Task belongs to a Task Constraint one of whose Action Tasks has already been executed or is currently under execution, the heuristic is stopped and a negative success value is returned. This is also done if the interval of the Precondition Task is the first interval.

Deleting a State Task

One of the interval's State Tasks is chosen at random. The Task Constraint of the selected State Task is deleted (together with its tasks).

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