Adaptive Constraint-Based Agents in Artificial Environments

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The following sections describe various approaches for dealing with important aspects of the application domain, comparing them, and discussing which are suitable for our specific requirements. A summary is given in Section [Conclusion], leading on to a discussion on the techniques that must be developed or enhanced.

Section [Artificial Intelligence for Computer Games] begins by introducing the computer-games application domain. This leads on to the concept of agents, which is discussed in Section [Autonomous Agents]. A key property of an agent is its planning capability. Techniques for planning are examined in Section [Planning]. The planning process requires the application of sophisticated search mechanisms, which are reviewed in Sections [Search Paradigms] and [Search Frameworks].


[DOCUMENTATION]   [Preface]   [Introduction]   [Local]   [SCSP]   [Model]   [Application]   [Conclusion]

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