Adaptive Constraint-Based Agents in Artificial Environments

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Refinement Using Maximal Graphs

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Total-order, partial-order and hierarchical planners create and reason about the plan's structures step by step. In contrast, planners like Graphplan [PUBLink] create a large maximal structure that includes all potential plans before starting the search process. Superfluous/inconsistent elements are then removed by the search process. The search can exploit these structures much better because propagation can involve the reasoning on parts of the plan for which no decisions have been made. However, maximal structures do not scale well. Other examples of this approach are parcPLAN [PUBLink] and CPlan [PUBLink].

[REFINEMENT SEARCH]   [Total-Order Planning]   [Partial-Order Planning]   [Hierarchical Planning]   [Maximal Graphs]

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