Adaptive Constraint-Based Agents in Artificial Environments

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[ Please note: The project has been discontinued as of May 31, 2005 and is superseded by the projects of the ii Labs. There won't be further updates to these pages. ]


Our Java software is open source and can be used free of charge in any application (see our license). However, note that this is a research prototype and the code is not very much tuned toward efficiency. We also cannot make any guarantees regarding bug fixing and maintenance.

The code base is still under development, and you should not assume that it runs smoothly or that all functionality is already working. This is especially true for non-packaged versions that you check out from our current CVS repository.


The EXCALIBUR agent software is part/based on the DragonBreath engine. The latest repository snapshot can be downloaded.


Here are some screenshots showing the interface with which an agent's planning process can be monitored and manipulated:   [Monster Town Domain]   [Carrier Domain]

[MAIN] [Goals]   [Software]   [Documentation]   [Publications]   [FAQ]   [Contact Information]

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