Adaptive Constraint-Based Agents in Artificial Environments


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[ Please note: The project has been discontinued as of May 31, 2005 and is superseded by the projects of the ii Labs. There won't be further updates to these pages. ]

The project's goal was to develop a generic architecture for autonomously operating agents, like computer-guided characters/mobiles/items, within a complex computer-game environment. These agents must be able to find the right actions to pursue their given goals and adapt their behavior to new environments or opponents. But not only the actions of the individual agent have to be intelligent, agents should also be able to communicate and perform coordinated group actions. Please use the following links to receive further information:


News & Recent Updates

You can find a list of recent updates below. The links will take you to corresponding pages.

May 31, 2005: The project has been discontinued and will be superseded by the projects of the ii Labs. A snapshot of our software development repository (with documentation, source code, and examples) has been posted on the DragonBreath engine's page.
March 24, 2005: Added the Software page and updated the top-level pages linked above.
March 23, 2005: If you are interested in approaches for constraint-based planning in general, we suggest having a look at an article on constraints and AI planning. Our own approach, based on so-called structural constraint satisfaction, is briefly described as well.
July 8, 2004: Daniel Weiß has finished his diploma thesis «A Modular Graphical User Interface for Interactive Planning» , which describes a graphical interface for our planning engine.
February 21, 2004: For those that are new to the field of game AI, here is a link to an overview article. We have not included details on our project, however.
December 4, 2003: Here is a link to a discussion article on the relevance of AI research, which was written for the German AI journal.
July 30, 2003: Tim Bärmann has finished his diploma thesis «Realisierung struktureller Constraints» (only available in German), which explains how the handling of structural constraints was realized for our engine.
May 26, 2003: Included the final version of the publication «Planning in Dynamic Worlds: More Than External Events».
March 26, 2003: Included the final version of the publication «Choosing Search Heuristics by Non-Stationary Reinforcement Learning».
September 4, 2002: The ALPHA-2 version of the DragonBreath search/optimization engine has been released. This engine will serve as the main component of the upcoming freely available EXCALIBUR agent implementation.
May 14, 2002: Included the publication «Planning to Plan - Integrating Control Flow».
January 31, 2002: Added some information on [Structural Constraints].
January 3, 2002: Updated the Frequently Asked Questions.

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