Adaptive Constraint-Based Agents in Artificial Environments

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Revisiting the Orc Quest Example

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Section [Resources] introduced the Orc Quest example, a solution of which is presented in this section. The problem was defined as:

STATEVARS: Duration, Pain, Performers

INIT: Duration = 0, Pain = 0, Performers = 0

ACTION catch_only_one:
  Duration += 2, Pain += 1, Performers += 1

ACTION catch_a_group:
  Duration += 5, Pain += 4, Performers += 3

ACTION deliver_humans:
  Duration += 1, Pain -= 11, Performers -= 10

The planning goal is a multi-objective one. The goal criteria are:

  Satisfaction Criterion: Performers >= 5
  Primary Optimization Criterion: min(Pain)
  Secondary Optimization Criterion: min(Duration)


[APPLICATION]   [Orc Quest Revisited]   [Domain-Independent Planning]   [Conclusion]

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