Adaptive Constraint-Based Agents in Artificial Environments

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Actions, Action Tasks and Action Resources

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The execution of an action (like Eat Peanut) includes action task subcomponents. These action tasks represent operations that are necessary to carry out the actions. Each of the action tasks utilizes an action resource for its execution. For instance, the action Eat Peanut requires action tasks on a Mouth and a Left Hand or Right Hand action resource. The figure below visualizes the assignment of action tasks to action resources.

It is forbidden for action tasks on the same action resource to overlap, as simultaneous executions of tasks would interfere with each other. For example, the agent is not allowed to talk and eat with his Mouth at the same time.

The tasks of an action are subject to action-specific conditions. For example, the action tasks of the action Eat Peanut must begin and end at the same time, and the begin and end values must be four seconds apart.

[BASICS]   [Actions]   [States]   [Objects]   [Sensors]

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